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4x 2.5GbEEthernet Support

Palmshell PuER N1

PuER N1 is a versatile mini cloud device with 4x 2.5G Ethernet ports and link aggregation support. Its elegant design and excellent network performance make it the perfect choice for both enterprise and home private cloud solutions.

Bringing the Intelligent Networking to You

Precise, elegant, versatile and compact


Intel® Celeron® Processor J6412

4 Cores / 4 Thread

Base Freq: 2.0GHz

Burst Freq: 2.6GHz

Intel® Celeron® Processor J6412 offers exceptional efficiency with its 10nm lithography and low 10W TDP. Enjoy seamless multitasking and fast performance with 4 cores and 4 threads. Perfect for embedded systems, PCs, clients, and tablets, delivering an elevated computing experience.


Intel® UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel® Processors

GPU Burst Freq: 800MHz

Execution Units: 16

Max Resolution: 4096x2160@60Hz

Support Intel® Quick Sync Video

With a base frequency of 400 MHz and a burst frequency of 800 MHz, it delivers smooth graphics rendering for your favorite applications and games. Equipped with 16 execution units, it ensures impressive graphics performance, supporting 4K resolution.


Up to 32 GB RAM

Memory Type: DDR4@3200MT/s, SO-DIMM

Channel: 2

Experience peak performance with up to 32GB of DDR4@2400MHz RAM, utilizing two SO-DIMM channels for increased speed and efficiency.


Quad 2.5GbE RJ45 Ports

Support link aggregation

Benefit from Quad 2.5GbE RJ45 Ports and support for link aggregation, providing lightning-fast data transfers and enhanced network reliability for your demanding tasks.


Supports SATA Storage Devices

1x M.2 M Key


With support for SATA storage devices and dual interfaces—1x M.2 M Key and 1x SATA—you gain the flexibility to accommodate various storage solutions, from high-speed NVMe SSDs to traditional SATA drives, empowering you with ample space for your data and applications.

4G / 5G

Support 4G / 5G Module

1x M.2 B Key for 4G / 5G Module

Ensure uninterrupted online connectivity with support for 4G/5G modules, facilitated by a dedicated M.2 B Key slot for seamless integration of your mobile data module.


Support WIFI 6E / BT 5.2 Module

1x M.2 E Key for WIFI / BT Module

Experience enhanced connectivity with support for the latest WIFI 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 modules, provided through a dedicated M.2 E Key slot for easy installation and upgrade of your WIFI/Bluetooth module.


Supports Multiple OS

Supports almost all operating systems compatible with the X86 architecture.

Compatible with nearly all X86-based operating systems. Enjoy seamless collaboration with your preferred OS for an enhanced work and entertainment experience!


Farewell to Bulky

Space-saving, Powerful Functionality

Compact design, big performance! Declutter and enjoy powerful functionality in a small package. Elevate your experience with our efficient solution.

Superior Cooling,
Built for Heavy Workloads

Equipped with an intelligent temperature-controlled variable speed fan, coupled with a unique heat dissipation airflow design, our system ensures optimal performance while maintaining a low noise level, even under heavy workloads

Easy-to-Disassemble Design

Installing hard drives & memory is no longer a challenge

Energy Efficiency Ratio

The Ultimate 4K Experience,
Powered by Intel® UHD Graphics for 10th
Gen Intel® Processors 1

Up to
32 GB DDR4@3200 MT/s

More Memory,
Boosting Productivity

Experience Smooth and Fast Networking with Quad 2.5GbE Ethernet3



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Easy-to-Disassemble Design
Installing hard drives & memory is no longer a challenge

Network Switching

Supports Multiple OS

1. This maximum resolution requires support from your display monitor.

2. The highest frequency is influenced by power supply, cooling, core load conditions, and the data is sourced from Intel's official information.

3. The network speed here is for illustration purposes only and may be affected by factors such as maximum throughput of network devices, cable quality, cable length, processor load, software, and power supply. Please refer to actual conditions.


CPUIntel® Celeron® Processor J6412
GPUIntel® UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel® Processors
CoolerCustom copper heatsink with 3000 RPM PWM speed control fan,TDP 25W
(DDR4@3200 MT/s, SO-DIMM)
(Dual-channel, 2x16GB)
Ethernet4x 2.5GbE RJ45 Ports (Intel I225)
Wireless1x M.2 E Key for WI-FI/BT Module (Support WI-FI 6E)Intel AX210NGW(WI-FI 6E / BT5.2)
1x M.2 B Key for 4G/5G Module
Display1x HDMI 2.0 up to 4K
USB2x USB 3.1
2x USB 2.0
1x SATA 7P Connector
Power SupplyNot included, power input 12V DC 5525, at least 36W